Fast, Easy and Secure Giving

Electronic Funds Transfer is an easy way to give your gift to the work of rescue! As followers of Christ, it is our joy to use the resources the Lord has provided to help others in need. Your gift to Peoria Rescue Ministries will help provide warm meals, safe shelter, and critical services to those in need in the Peoria area, while also helping to share the hope of the gospel and a new life to many.
Electronic Funds Transfer is an optional service which allows you to authorize Peoria Rescue Ministries to deduct your monthly gifts automatically from your checking or savings account.

Benefits Include

  • Saving postage and check costs
  • Your checks won't be delayed or lost in the mail
  • Deductions will be made on the 15th of the month
EFT Form

Here's How Easy It Is To Get Started

  • Fill in completely the form below with your personal and bank information
  • Indicate the amount you want deducted each month
  • Print off the completed form with one of the following:  a. If using your checking account - we will need a voided blank check (no deposit slips please) b. If using your savings account - we will need a savings deposit slip.
  • Return the signed and dated form to: Peoria Rescue Ministries, 601 SW Adams, Peoria, IL 61602-0837

The first automatic deduction will occur the month following the receipt of your signed permission form.
A record of each deduction will occur on your monthly bank statement. You will continue to received a receipt from Peoria Rescue Ministries each month. Your monthly amount will be paid automatically until you let us know you wish to stop. You may stop your monthly deduction at any time by calling Peoria Rescue Ministries during regular business hours and requesting such service from the accounting office.
Gifts in addition to the pre-authorized amount may still be made by mailing a check to Peoria Rescue Ministries as you have done in the past.
Need more information? Call (309) 676-6416 and ask for accounting.
To establish your account, we ask you to fill out the information in the EFT form above and return it to us along with a voided blank check or a savings deposit slip. By doing so, you are giving Peoria Rescue Ministries permission to transfer the following amount from your personal account to Peoria Rescue Ministries on the 15th of each month.