Especially for Our Program Graduates

1212 Community House is a faith-based, living opportunity for our renewal graduates who are ready for their next step toward flourishing.

Peoria Rescue Ministries announces a new transitional path for Men's Renewal Ministry program graduates.

The pathway to flourishing continues at 1212 Adams

“1212” is a community and residential living opportunity for men’s renewal ministry graduates. It will be another milestone on their pathway to wholeness and ultimately permanent housing.

Key Features

  • Accommodations for up to 30 men

  • Comfortable community living arrangements

  • Community accountability toward individual growth goals

  • Affordable cost structure allowing for saving toward financial goals

  • Convenient location to ministry centers and community

  • Builds men’s self-worth and confidence

  • 1212 will be a community of men committed to following Jesus and making a positive impact on their community

Investing in 1212 is more than just investing money in a building. It’s investing in the life renewal of the men who have worked hard to complete the renewal program and begin a flourishing life of wholeness in the community.