Renewing the Hearts of Men in the Heart of the City

Homelessness isn't on the decline by accident. It takes a lot of hard work and multiple programs like our downtown renewal program.

Support Men's renewal

Renewing the Hearts of Men 

Homelessness isn't on the decline by accident. It takes programs like this one.

Support Men's renewal

Renewing Hearts in
the Heart of the City

Homelessness isn't on the decline by accident. 

Support Men's renewal

Men's Long-term renewal experiences - Victory Acres | downtown/peoria rescue mission

For men who deal with issues related to addiction, abuse, homelessness, re-entry from prison, or challenging life choices, our long-term renewal experiences offer the opportunity to heal and be discipled
The experiences include Bible study, Program Classes, Addiction & substance Abuse, and job readiness training.
Students in the Victory Acres’ work therapy must be physically capable to work outdoors and willing to address destructive lifestyle habits.  If physically unable and/or currently under doctor’s care and medication, the Downtown Renewal Experience serves as an alternative option.

Renewal Experience Goals

  • To teach and show men what it means to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and how to depend upon God to supply their needs.
  • To offer men the tools needed to overcome addictions and other negative and destructive habits
  • To assist men in securing employment and housing upon graduation of the program
  • To encourage men in building and maintaining healthy community relationships for accountability and to further develop them into productive members of society.

Participants must be:

  • MALE AT BIRTH and Identifies as Male 
     Anatomical Reality and identifying to their birth anatomical reality 
  • Physically able to do chores
  • Serious about making a positive life change
  • Willing to commit for a minimum of 9 months

First Steps

The first step for a possible renewal experience participant is to contact Jason at 309-676-6416  ext. 1017 to schedule an appointment, during which further information will be given regarding the available experiences.
Possible participants will then be required to stay at the Peoria Rescue Mission for a minimum of five days for evaluation.  Evaluation periods begin on Mondays and end on Fridays. During this evaluation period, participants will receive counseling and a possible recommendation for either the Downtown or the Victory Acres Renewal Experiences.