John's Story

“I have been blind and deaf all my life. I could only see what I wanted to see and listen to what I wanted to hear. I let my choices in life run my life and I blamed others for my own downfall. The worst choice I have ever made was letting myself turn to the bottle instead of the Bible. There is no excuse – I wasn’t listening to the Teacher who has been with me all this time. I chose the idol of this world.

All through my past, I have had a lot of worldly possessions and just as quickly, they were gone. I have fallen again, and again, and again – more times than I can count. And somehow, I would pull myself out of the hole (or so I thought). Now I know that I was only looking out from the grave that I was in all my life as a non-believer.

The greatest thing that could have happened to me was about to happen on March 4, 2018. I was at my wit’s end. I had lost another great job, I was coming down with a bad sickness (a cold or flu), and I was on another bender. I heard this same question asked of me three times, ‘Are you ready to go?’ My answer each time was ‘no.’ A woman and child then asked another question, ‘Why are you doing this to yourself?’ This was a terrifying experience to me and resulted in sleepless days and nights. I made a choice right then to open the door to Jesus, who had always been there. I finally had made a choice in the right direction.

“I finally made a choice in the right direction.

I went to Peoria Rescue Ministries and sat down with two staff members. They are men who change lives through Jesus. I made the choice, with Jesus’ help, to join the Victory Acres program to bring myself more unto the Lord through the godly staff and all the brothers who also made the choice to come there to build themselves up in the Lord.

I didn’t have much hope for myself at first, but God works. Now I have hope for myself and others. Walking with Jesus is not easy. I have daily struggles, but my steps are firm with Jesus.

Jesus gave me comfort, knowledge, and most of all, love. And this love I am now learning to give to all. That is hard to do a lot of the time, but I do it. I was given love, and wow – it’s a good feeling to receive it from anyone. That’s God at work in us. I have a long way to go and I am already on my way. Remember that choices can destroy or save.

“Remember that choices can destroy or save.

I have completed the Victory Acres renewing program and now enjoy every day without my addiction to pull me down. I look toward God all the time to keep me strong.

Since finishing the Victory Acres program, I have been given the opportunity to come onboard with Peoria Rescue Ministries as a staff member. It’s the kind of job that I never thought of doing, but I didn’t even have to think about accepting it. God set it in place according to what I have been praying about. This job is truly a blessing. It’s not only a place to work, but it’s a place where I can help others while also helping myself. I walked through these doors as my old self into a place that gave me what I needed to bring me to who I am now in Christ. I am seeking God and helping others along the way. My daily journey goes on with God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is a love I don’t deserve.”

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