Peoria Rescue Ministries has been serving the poor and those in need since 1955. Through out various ministry areas, we provide food, shelter, clothing, counseling, pregnancy & parenting services, as well as recovery programs to the people of Central Illinois.


It is our desire to place everny volunteer in a ministry position that will utilize gifts and strengths, while at the same time advancing the ministries of Peoria Rescue Ministries in a significant way for God's kingdom.

I, the undersigned volunteer [“Volunteer”] of Peoria Rescue Ministries ("PRM") agree and understand that the purpose of this ministry is to provide Christ-centered programs and services for the homeless and those in need. Their vision is to see every man, woman, and child served equipped to be productive citizens who enjoy lasting success in Christ. I also understand that Peoria Rescue Ministries is a Christian organization, with the mission of ministering to those in need through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hereby agree not to share any different belief system to the guests at any PRM facility.


I agree and understand that the guests served by Peoria Rescue Ministries have many diverse needs and conditions, which may include mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social maladjustments. I hereby release Peoria Rescue Ministries and its directors, staff and agents from any and all claims, responsibility, liability, or causes of action, for any injury, loss, or damage that I may incur in connection with my volunteer activities at PRM. 


I further understand that, as a volunteer of Peoria Rescue Ministries, any and all information pertaining to guests served by the ministries is strictly confidential. Due to the privacy and protection of our guests, understand that photography and/or videography is not allowed. I also understand that I must not discuss the residents residing at any PRM facility with anyone not currently employed by PRM. I agree to hold in confidence any information about clients and donors, which comes to my knowledge during my association with Peoria Rescue Ministries.


I hereby authorize Peoria Rescue Ministries to run a limited criminal background check and contact personal references listed in the Volunteer Application. Upon request, I agree to provide proof of license or certification prior to performing any professional or skilled task. By signing this waiver, whether physically or by digital verification, I certify that the information contained in this application is correct and true. If PRM determines that any of the information submitted in this application or any other documentation provided is false, I may be immediately disqualified from consideration for volunteering and/or discharged from volunteer service.


By clicking "submit" you agree with the above agreement & waiver.

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