A Dawning Season of Grace

2022 is almost here!

2022 Promises to be very exciting for PRM. Here's how you can help!

2022 is almost here!

2022 Promises to be very exciting for PRM. Here's how you can help!

DID YOU HEAR about the special announcement we made at our TASTE OF PEORIA – HOPE-RISING 2021? If you haven’t, we believe it’s the dawning of a whole new season of grace. It’s an opportunity to increase participation and success for our renewal efforts.

Many of you are aware of our current enterprise venture at Victory Acres, where we have partnered with Caterpillar over many years to recycle their wood waste into pallets and much. It’s a vital part of our ministry because it serves as a built-in opportunity for work readiness training for our students. Yet, it also provides enough financial support to cover most of our administration and fundraising costs – making your donated dollars go further. We believe God is leading us to do more in this area, much more. With our partnership with Caterpillar, we generate around 20,000 cubic yards of mulch each year. Most of that mulch sells to a third-party vendor who colors it and sells it to retailers such as the ones you may have shopped at to buy mulch.

We want to change that.

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On The Horizon

Beginning spring 2022, we plan to enter the local mulch business, coloring, supplying, and even installing mulch for both residential and commercial customers. We also plan to start a new venture next fall called Pallet Creations, which will take some of the good pieces of wood that end up in mulch and create unique décor and functional items for sale much like you would see at big-box craft stores.

With a goal of securing living wage employment for our students, these new enterprise ventures will provide training in the areas of:

  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Woodworking and carpentry skills
  • Team building and leading
  • Maintaining work vehicles and equipment
  • Customer sales and service.

We believe these new enterprise ventures will significantly enhance our mission to create pathways out of poverty through Jesus with our neighbors in need. Their success means more opportunities for work readiness and training that will lead to living-wage employment while at the same time generating additional support for the ministry.

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Join Us

We want to invite you to be a part of this, join with us in loving our neighbors and creating pathways out of poverty through Jesus – specifically within these new enterprise ventures. We certainly believe these ventures will generate ongoing income and support for the ministry, but as with any startup venture, it takes investment and capital to get them going. So, would you consider joining us on the ground floor and becoming an investor in these new enterprise ventures? To begin these ventures, we need two essential things:

The first and foremost is prayer. This enterprise venture is a huge undertaking, and we are so dependent on our Father to provide exemplary leadership and staff. We also need His wisdom in making this dream a reality. Would you consider committing to be a prayer investor for these new ventures over the next 12 months?

Second, we need some capital investors. We estimate that these new ventures will require around $600K in startup costs. Those costs would include the trucks, tools, and equipment needed for the mulch venture, along with the building improvements and equipment for the Pallet Creations venture.

 We trust you know how much we appreciate your ongoing support of our daily ministry needs, and to be honest, we need that to continue. Still, we’re asking you to consider if God might be leading you to invest in the future of your neighbors and your community. To be a part of providing an opportunity for them to flourish through a whole person, Biblical and relational approach to “get a job” with either a small, medium, or significant investment in these ventures. Through your support of these new ventures, we can create even more pathways out of poverty through Jesus with our neighbors. Together, we can end the cycle of poverty for many.

Will you join us?

Dan Wolf
Development Director

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