September Thanks!

We're so blessed you are helping us fight homelessness in Peoria!

Thank you for all your generous gifts to Peoria Rescue Ministries. As we enter the summer season, here are 3 things to remember over the next 3 months:
Help starts here.
Healing is possible.
Hope begins with you.

Help starts here. Many people in Service Area struggle with hunger. Unemployment. Homelessness. While they might come seeking only meals and shelter, they find so much more…
Healing is possible. Like you, we believe it’s never too late to start over. Your gift of $XX provides the essentials our guests need. More than that, you offer long-term guidance and faith-based programs that repair hearts and restore lives.
Hope begins with you. Your support lets everyone who comes through our doors know you’re cheering them on. You show them that the Mission cares, God loves them and there is hope for a better future.

Because you’re providing help… healing… and hope, Mission Name can be the safe haven our neighbors need this summer. Thank you!
With a grateful heart,

Jon Rocke,
Executive Director

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